Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ice-Skating :)

hi all!
it's been a week since I last updated my blog.
yesterday is one of the best day of my life(despite the fact that I have sore feet!)

I'm looking forward to meet Ifkar and Nazmi at Sunway Pyramid yesterday but they can't make it. huhu...luckily Yda to the rescue! the last time I saw Yda was early last year when she came to SMK Aminuddin Baki to "surprise" me. hehehe....

meet Ruwaida aka Yda

back to the story....while waiting for Yda to come, I walked around Sunway pyramid alone. then I came across shops and started shopping for gifts for my best friends, my sister and I.
at noon,Yda arrived safely at Sunway together with her sister, Ain and her boyfriend, Fadhli. we met at McDonald's. then, we went ice-skating which we got complimentary tickets! we bought gloves and rent the skating shoes. it's my first time to exciting(but nervous at the same time)!
we went into the ice-skating rink. to make things more complicated:none of us can skates! we held each other hands when trying to balance ourselves-Yda with her bf while I'm with Ain. after 2nd round around the rink, I came out with the counting steps on skating. it works! we went around the rink few more times before headed to the arcade as our feet are killing us!

at the arcade game, I didn't plan to play any game but changed my mind as the dance evolution game blow me away with the catchy dancing songs...hahaha...I'm just kidding...I'm danced against Ain in the game and couldn't be bothered that I lost the game to her. I know that I'm not good at dancing...huh
after bid goodbye to them at five, I accompanied mama shopping! she bought me a cardigan to wear for my next semester! after finished meeting her friends, Adik came to us. after that we played air hockey against each other and i won! finally,we headed home :)

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