Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saying Goodbye

tomorrow i will be going back to Kuantan. i want to take this opportunity to savour my final semester holiday's memories

  • my driving skills and parking skills had improved. hooray!!!
  • i learn how to wash car from Abah.
  • i developed new friendship with Rashid, Akmal, Azrin,Khairul etc.
  • i finished reading psychology book entitled Emotional Intelligence.
  • i took my sister from school everyday.
  • i started to like watching Wipeout and Wipeout Australia on AXN.
  • i got a chance to meet my best friends: Sarah & Ruwaida.
  • how i wished i meet Naquiah,Saidah,Junie,Ifkar,Farid and Nazmi too.
  • i know how to video call from Skype. thanks to Ika.
  • i went out with my housemates several times.
  • i called Ika, Dinda and Hanim many times.
  • i gave Dora a ride home after our MUET test.
  • my blog was borned!
  • I'm no longer afraid of the bathroom scales!
  • i learn how to measure tyre pressure.
  • I'm not afraid to show the world how i feel anymore.
  • i love talking to my mom.
  • i love talking to my sister.
  • i enjoy doing laundry.
  • i fought with flu.
  • i maintained my weight.
  • i jogged whenever I'm stress.
  • i smiled at my neighbour.
  • i lodged a report to the management.
  • i took my sister to fast food chain for lunch.
  • i give my cats breakfast and dinner.
  • i wore spectacles.
  • i laughed a lot with my family and friends.
  • i chatted with Nasa's little sister.
  • i enjoy talking to Nasa.
  • i drew 1407 housemates.
  • i made Group C collage.
  • i learned ice-skating.
  • i got new clothes for next semester.
  • i enjoyed road-trip with my family.
that's all for now. I'm sure going to miss my home,my family and my cats. thanks for everything, Abah, Mama and Adik.
P/S I love you...




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