Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Semester,New Hair,New ME?

i can't sleep because today I'm going back to Kuantan.

i just got my haircut yesterday-the usual short hair as i can't survived having a long hair (well maybe not yet!) deal with it!

for second sem i will be staying with my beloved 1407 housemates in 1107 (so should i say 1107 housemates?)hehe...

yesterday i watched The Box starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden with my family.
it is a story about the Lewis family who received a box in front of their house. they were given a choice whether to push the button or let USD 1 million out of their hand. however, nothing comes free in life as once they push the button, someone they didn't know will die. this shows that the choice we made might affect other people's life. did we choose well?
this movie somehow remind me of my MUET writing paper which discuss about the selfish reason which made people commits crime.

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