Saturday, November 7, 2009


i just finished my Malaysian University English Test aka MUET today!

i woke up at 6am and drove to SMK Seafield since my mom is in Singapore while my dad is working today. my trip to SMK Seafield was lead by my dad before we gone our separate ways-he took the junction to KL and i took the bridge to Subang Jaya.

i arrived there at 7.27am and parked my car mom's car under the tree. i met again Kak Sarah and chat with her. later on Jue arrived followed by Dora just when we are about to enter the examination hall. i sat next to Jue.

the first test-reading started at 8.06am. the questions are tricky according to my mom since i let her checked my MUET paper. the writing paper is the biggest obstacle for me to handle. T_T the listening paper which was supposed to be a 30-minutes paper turn out to be a 90-minutes paper because of the technical problem caused by the radio and the speaker.

Dora treated me a teh tarik at Bliss and i gave her a ride home. thanks Dora! on the way back home, i dropped by at Giant Shah Alam to fixed lunch for my sister. she wanted to eat McD. i arrived home at 3.15pm and we had lunch together.


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